Modernize Your Applications with AWS Database with Opti9

Before cloud computing achieved mainstream adoption across organizations worldwide, independent software vendors (ISVs) often required customers to purchase and manage commercial databases to run their applications. This practice imposes the high costs and restrictions of commercial database licensing on their customers, raising their total cost of ownership while hindering the customer’s ability to deploy and consume applications in a way that best aligns with their needs. 

Users are rapidly moving their workloads to the cloud, abandoning much of their on-premises infrastructure and legacy software. 

Accelerate your cloud migration with software solutions that will provide high availability, scale, and cost-efficiency as cloud-native and SaaS offerings. Be free of the cost and licensing restrictions traditionally associated with commercial databases. Modernize your applications and drive greater business value on AWS. Download our eBook and see how Opti9 can modernize your applications with AWS Database.

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